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Your Feet Carry You

We feel the health of your feet are of prime importance, they are what carry you daily from home to work and school.


We can show you how to take better care of them.

Chiropody Services


Prevent and treat foot disorders and injuries with our liscensed practitioners.

Reflexology Services


Improve your overall health with our registered reflexologist.

Katherine Avraam B.Sc., D.Ch


Katherine has been providing Chiropody services  since 1999.

Gina Montesano B.Sc., D.Ch


Gina joined the practice in 2011, adding Foot Mobilisation Techniques as an alternative treatment to foot pain

Theodora Noumtinis R.C.R.T., D.Ac


Theodora provides Alternative Therapies and Reflexology to promote overall health and wellness

Nouhad Hamam B.Sc, D.Ch

Nouhad can provide a range of services for the maintenance of foot health.

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