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Accessiblity Principals


  • We are committed to including and providing service to Ontarians of all abilities

  • We provide uninhibited access to all our services and information

  • We promote a healthy, barrier-free work environment where employees can participate fully in all aspects of their job

  • We ensure that information and communication provided to employees and customers are accessible


The Pape Foot Clinic ensures that in our day-to-day activities, we fulfill all the requirements of this Regulation in keeping with the principles of dignity, independence, equality and integration.

We welcome feedback in person, by mail or email, and by telephone.

The public is encouraged to provide feedback via telephone or mail which is reviewed by a member of the clinic for action.


Our clinic is barrier free and wheelchair accessibile. This website (with the exception of our video) is WCAG A compliant. 


Our future plans include training new and existing staff on the requirements of the Regulation, with emphasis on how to serve and communicate with all people. We will also add closed captions to the media on our website.

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